The Construction of Human Civilization

  • Asma Lamrabet


Istikhlāf, a key Qur’ānic concept that testifies to the intimate relationship of men and women to the Creator, carries at least three levels of meanings: khalīfa evokes the notion of ‘‘succession’’; the plural, khalā’if, designates those who succeed one another; the third, khilāfa (lieutenancy), granted by God to humans only, is a matchless mark of regard and a huge responsibility—the preservation of God’s Creation with all of its riches. Humans as khalīfa are not “representatives” of God on Earth, in the literal sense; they are the custodians of the mission that the Creator has entrusted to them as amāna (trust). Several Qur’ānic verses evoke the concept of khilāfa in close equation with “good action” (al-‘amal as-sālih), faith (al-īmān), but also altruism and generosity (al-infāq).

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