The Principles of Divorce in the Qur’ān

  • Asma Lamrabet


Unlike Christianity, Islam permits divorce since marriage is a contract that can be dissolved, not a sacrament. The Qur’ān speaks of divorce as a right exercised by husbands or wives, but never mentions repudiation. Divorce is by mutual consent, at the request of the husband, or at the request of the wife (khul’). Before Islam, divorce, as repudiation, was the right of husbands, exercised when and as often as they pleased. In divorces initiated by husbands, the Qur’ān urges men not to expel their wives from their homes. And everything should be conducted in ma’rūf (honor) and the presence of witnesses. In Fiqh, however, divorce is primarily a husband’s right, while a women’s right to divorce is exceptional because of women’s incapacity to make rational decisions!

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