Lateral Neck Contractures: Anatomy and Treatment

  • Viktor M. Grishkevich
  • Max Grishkevich


Two types of lateral neck scar contractures exist: edge and medial. Lateral neck edge contracture is the result of a posterior neck burn. Medial neck contracture is caused by burns and scars located on the lateral neck surface. In the literature, we did not find articles devoted to lateral neck postburn contractures. Our observations showed that contracture folds usually form along the lateral surface of the neck, causing restriction in head motion and presenting severe cosmetic defects. Use of local neck tissues with mobilization of surrounding areas in contracture elimination became possible with the use of trapeze-flap plasty. Methods of treatment of edge and medial neck contracture with trapezoid flaps are presented in this chapter.


Burns of neck Lateral and posterior neck burn Neck contracture Contracture anatomy Trapezoid scar deficit Neck trapezoid flap Trapeze-flap plasty 

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