Vitreous Anatomy, Anterior PVR, and Hypotony

  • D. Ruiz-Casas


The anterior hyaloid presents a complex anatomy and is involved in accommodation by inducing traction on the vitreous base that may be associated with retinal detachment incidence and recurrence.

Anterior hyaloid dissection can be performed at Salzman’s hiatus to achieve a complete vitrectomy.

Proliferative vitreoretinopathy contracts the anterior hyaloid inducing ciliary body detachment and anterior retinal traction. Scarred anterior hyaloid dissection is needed to deal with chronic hypotony and anterior retinal loops.


Hypotony Proliferative vitreoretinopathy Anterior hyaloid Anterior hyaloid dissection Retinal detachment Vitrectomy Salzman’s hiatus 

Supplementary material

Video 33.1

Anterior PVR and hypotony (MOV 329037 kb)

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(Anterior PVR hypotony). Anterior hyaloid detachment (MOV 602240 kb)


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