PVR Stage D

  • Ulrich Spandau
  • Zoran Tomic


PVR stage D with closed funnel without view to optic disc (Fig. 20.1) is surgically the most demanding and most difficult pathology within PVR detachments. The retina is stiffened with full-thickness retinal folds. A circumferential traction leads to a purse string funnel detachment. The surgical aim is to remove these tractional forces and mobilize the retina (Video 20.1).

Supplementary material

Video 20.1

PVR stage D (WMV 84,881 kb)

Video 20.2

First surgery for PVR detachment secondary to morning glory syndrome (WMV 131,456 kb)

Video 20.3

Second surgery for total retinal detachment for morning glory syndrome (WMV 117,442 kb)

Video 20.4

Final surgery morning glory syndrome (WMV 5909 kb)

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  • Ulrich Spandau
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  • Zoran Tomic
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