Inferior and Inferior Recurrent Detachments

  • Ulrich Spandau
  • Zoran Tomic


An inferior retinal detachment has a frequency of 20% and is more difficult to treat than a superior detachment. Why? Because gas and silicone oil tamponade insufficiently the inferior pole. An exception is the heavy silicone oil Densiron 68 which tamponades the inferior pole. If you do not have Densiron 68 in your surgical cupboard, then you require episcleral buckling with encircling band and/or segmental buckle in your surgical armamentarium.

Supplementary material

Video 18.1

180° retinotomy (WMV 42,093 kb)

Video 18.2

Aphakia and retinal detachment (WMV 88,175 kb)

Video 18.3

Inferior PVR detachment_buckle (WMV 107,284 kb)

Video 18.4

Inferior recurrent PVR detachment (WMV 31,032 kb)

Video 18.5

Complicated retinal detachment (WMV 110,788 kb)


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