Arthritic Foot

  • Seth W. O’Donnell
  • Brad D. Blankenhorn


Degenerative changes of the foot and ankle often result from traumatic injury. Some controversy exists regarding arthrodesis vs. arthroplasty of the tibio-talar joint. Following fusion, there is increased risk of adjacent joint overloading and subsequent adjacent joint disease.


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What joints are fused in a triple fusion?

Subtalar, talo-navicular, calcaneo-cuboid

What is another term for the subtalar joint?

Talo-calcaneal joint

What is the difference between ankle arthrodesis and ankle arthroplasty?

Ankle arthrodesis involves a fusion of the tibio-talar joint; ankle arthroplasty involves replacing the tibio-talar joint with prosthetic implants

Which fractures can lead to increased risk of subtalar arthritis?

Calcaneal fractures

What is the major risk of joint fusion?

Abnormal loading of adjacent joints with degeneration

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