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Traumatic finger and upper extremity injuries can take many forms based on the mechanism of action, with partial, or complete amputation being some of the more serious. Sharp mechanisms of action specifically can result in amputated digits, which may be amenable to replantation. In order to successfully replant, proper care of the injured extremity is required prior to arrival in the operating room. Additionally, repair should be completed with urgency in order to restore perfusion to the injured aspect of the extremity as quickly as possible. Depending on what structures within a digit are injured, as well as the number of amputated digits, there is a specific treatment algorithm, which should be observed. Oftentimes, these injuries require multidisciplinary surgical and postsurgical management to best optimize clinical outcome (Beris et al. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg 130:1141–1147, 2010).


Digit amputation Replant Finger 


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