Paget’s Disease of the Bone

  • Janake Patel
  • Laura Amorese-O’ConnellEmail author


This is an osteoclastic disease of unknown etiology which results in abnormal bone remodeling and deformity. It can be seen as either a monostotic (single site) or polystotic (multiple sites) disease, which mainly affects long bones, pelvis, and skull. Affecting all races equally, men have twofolds increased risk compared to females for developing disorder. Incidence increases with age and it is uncommon in less than 40 years of age. Early diagnosis, made via blood work and bone scan, leads to early treatment. Bisphosphonates are effective treatment.


Paget’s disease of the bone PDB Bone pain Chalk-stick fracture Bisphosphonates Deafness Bone scan Monostatic disease Alkaline phosphatase 

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