Form-of-Life as Radical Togetherness: “New Materialist” Expansions of Choreography

  • Konstantina GeorgelouEmail author
Part of the Avant-Gardes in Performance book series (AGP)


This chapter explores two choreographic works that engage with nonhuman elements and objects in ways that aspire to a posthuman mode of togetherness, Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea’s A P N E A (2013) and Sonja Jokiniemi’s Oh No (2013). Drawing on a critical investigation of Giorgio Agamben’s concept form-of-life and an analytical discussion of the two performances, it is suggested that the latter can be considered as articulations of the “new materialist” thinking currently taking place in philosophy, which seeks to reconfigure a non-anthropocentric and highly relational ecosystem in which human and nonhuman agents are immanently intertwined. Finally, the concept form-of-life extends to a posthuman plane, chiming with a “new metaphysics.”.

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