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Pigmented Lesions: Biopsy Methods and Emerging Non-invasive Imaging Techniques

  • Cindy Wassef
  • Lea J. Bellomo
  • David I. SilversteinEmail author


Melanoma incidence has been increasing in the US population, with early detection and treatment leading to decreased morbidity and mortality. The first steps in diagnosis are clinical examination and skin biopsy. Various methods of skin biopsy exist and the appropriate choice can be challenging. In this chapter, we review various biopsy techniques including excisional, scoop (saucerization), incisional or punch, shave, biopsy of special sites, and emerging noninvasive imaging techniques for pigmented lesions including reflectance confocal microscopy, optical coherence tomography, digital multispectral dermoscopy, and tape stripping mRNA.


Melanoma Biopsy techniques Noninvasive imaging Pigmented lesions 


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