“Neither Class, nor Nature”—(Re)Turning to Feminism in the Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Zsófia Lóránd
Part of the Genders and Sexualities in History book series (GSX)


As the first field where feminism in Yugoslavia appeared in the 1970s was academia, the chapter focuses on the academic works investigating feminism, through the prism of concepts such as “radical”, “extreme” and “revolutionary”, reinterpreting the role of class, work, family, consciousness and introducing the concept of gender. The author analyses the differences and the similarities between the official state discourse on women’s emancipation and the feminist discourse, and looks at the feminist reinterpretation of concepts such as consciousness, the private–public difference, work, patriarchy, the family and women’s place within the family. This includes the trajectories of socialist ideologies within and in relation to feminist theories and the developments of the idea “the personal is political” in different contexts.

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  • Zsófia Lóránd
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