Design for Change: Disaggregation of Functions in System Architecture by TRIZ-Based Design

  • Sebastian KoziołekEmail author


This chapter proposes a TRIZ-based Re-design Methodology, which is intended to maximize the ability and ease of re-designing products. Its main property is the disaggregation of functions in relation to the product architecture in order to orchestrate any changes to the product’s functionality to the related components more easily. The chapter presents an initial evaluation of the proposed methodology using a case study of a mobile biogas station by assessing the required effort related to component modification or replacement.


Design for change Modularization System architecture Function modeling 



This chapter demonstrates the design concept for a mobile biogas station and presents results of experimental research of the proposed energy solution. The presented technology was developed as part of Project LIDER/034/645/L-4/12/NCBR/2013 “Mobile gas supply station for treated and compressed biogas” and funded by the National Centre for Research and Development. The functional modeling of the new product was conducted at the University of Sydney in range of the Go8 European Fellowship.


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