Consistency of Property Specification Patterns with Boolean and Constrained Numerical Signals

  • Massimo NarizzanoEmail author
  • Luca Pulina
  • Armando Tacchella
  • Simone Vuotto
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10811)


Property Specification Patterns (PSPs) have been proposed to solve recurring specification needs, to ease the formalization of requirements, and enable automated verification thereof. In this paper, we extend PSPs by considering Boolean as well as atomic numerical assertions. This extension enables us to reason about functional requirements which would not be captured by basic PSPs. We contribute an encoding from constrained PSPs to LTL formulae, and we show experimental results demonstrating that our approach scales on requirements of realistic size generated using a probabilistic model. Finally, we show that our extension enables us to prove (in)consistency of requirements about an embedded controller for a robotic manipulator.


Property Specification Patterns (PSPs) Basic PSPs Aalten Metric Temporal Logic (MTL) Timed Computational Tree Logic (TCTL) 
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The research of Luca Pulina and Simone Vuotto has been funded by the EU Commissions H2020 Programme under grant agreement N.732105 (CERBERO project).


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  1. 1.DIBRISUniversity of GenoaGenoaItaly
  2. 2.Chemistry and Pharmacy DepartmentUniversity of SassariSassariItaly

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