A Hybrid Approach for Runtime Analysis Using a Cycle and Instruction Accurate Model

  • Sebastian RachujEmail author
  • Christian Herglotz
  • Marc Reichenbach
  • André Kaup
  • Dietmar Fey
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Developing a new microchip for an embedded application these days means that the engineer has to take many different design options into account. Evaluating the different processor cores regarding their runtime for a certain algorithm requires simulation tools which make emulation feasible. They come in two flavors: Cycle and instruction accurate simulation. The first one offers a high accuracy regarding the estimated time but is very slow. The second one offers a high simulation speed but only provides a very imprecise estimation of the real runtime. This paper shows a new approach that allows to combine these kinds of simulation to increase the exactness of the estimated time while limiting the additionally required simulation time.


Required Simulation Time Cycle Accurate Model Basic Block Radar Algorithms Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) 
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This work is supported by the Bavarian Research Foundation (BFS) as part of their research project “FORMUS3IC”.


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  • Christian Herglotz
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  • Marc Reichenbach
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  • André Kaup
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  • Dietmar Fey
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