What Now? Practical Steps for Adolescents with Allergies and Asthma to Manage Their Healthcare Independently

  • Marc L. Rubin
  • Mervat Nassef


The chapters throughout this textbook have raised awareness of the multiple issues that adolescents with allergic conditions are faced with as they transition to independent living. As stated throughout, adolescents must learn to recognize and address challenges related to self-management in the context of living independently for the first time in their lives. Thankfully, there are many resources available to help with this transition. This chapter aims to provide specific, practical tips and resources that adolescents and their parents can access to help them prepare for the transition to independence and then continue to successfully navigate challenges once living on their own.


Adherence Allergic rhinitis Asthma Atopic dermatitis Food allergy Controller medications Rescue medications Treatment plan Triggers 


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