Economies of Scarcity in Belarusian Villages During World War II: How New Findings from Oral History Projects Put a Perpetrator-Centred Historiography in Perspective

  • Aliaksandr SmalianchukEmail author
  • Tatsiana Kasataya


The problem under consideration is the food supply of the rural population of Belarus in the General Districts of “Belarus” and “Volhynia-Podolia” during the German occupation. On the basis of oral memories collected by the employees of the “Belarusian Archive of Oral history” internet project, the authors attempt to answer the following questions: How serious was the problem of food provision in Belarusian villages during the German occupation? What was the greatest challenge local people faced in providing themselves and their families with food? What were the main survival strategies adopted by the Belarusian rural population? The oral memoirs suggest that the situation with regard to food provision among the rural population changed over the course of the occupation period, and depended on many factors.

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  1. 1.The Institute of Slavic StudiesPolish Academy of Sciences (ISS PAS)WarsawPoland

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