Exploring the Protest Language of Chants “Everyday I’m çapulling” and “Sí se puede”



In Chapter Three, the protest chants “Everyday I’m çapulling” from Turkey and “Sí se puede” from the United Farm Workers in the American Southwest are examined within the deep stories of their particular contexts. Each chant is then analyzed as a performative within the framework of the renovated felicity conditions, as introduced in Chapter 2 based on Austin’s Speech Act Theory, for the speech act of protest. Each analysis focuses on the presuppositional conditions regarding convention, circumstance, words, persons, effects, and positionings, followed by the aspirational conditions with a focus on thoughts, intention, risk, commitment, and subsequent actions. These analyses include discussions of identity in terms of convocativity as well as how these speech acts attain pragmatic legitimacy through the fulfillment of the felicity conditions.

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