Transversals of Longest Cycles in Chordal and Bounded Tree-Width Graphs

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Let \(\mathrm {lct}(G)\) be the minimum size of a set of vertices that intersects every longest cycle of a 2-connected graph G. Let \(\mathrm {tw}(G)\) be the tree-width of G and \(\omega (G)\) be the size of a maximum clique in G. We show that \(\mathrm {lct}(G)\le \mathrm {tw}(G)-1\) for every G, and that \(\mathrm {lct}(G)\le \max \{1, {\omega (G){-}3}\}\) if G is chordal. Those results imply as corollaries that all longest cycles intersect in 2-connected series-parallel graphs and in 3-trees. We also strengthen the latter result and show that all longest cycles intersect in 2-connected graphs of tree-width at most 3, also known as partial 3-trees.


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