The Labour Movement and Business Elites Under Waning Fascism: Spain 1939–1951

  • Marc Prat
Part of the Palgrave Studies in the History of Social Movements book series (PSHSM)


In the 1940s Spain was ruled by a right-wing, dictatorial regime, with an ideology very close to Fascism. After three years of civil war, the victors were able to treat the country as a tabula rasa, establishing a new political and social system that set the permanent resolution of social conflict in favour of businessmen and landowners as its main priority. Labour policies were fundamental to this mission and vertical trade unions were its principal tool. However, they failed to garner workers’ support. The opposition used international diplomacy, guerrilla activity and trade-union activism to fight Francoism. The first two activities ended in failure, while the third, despite facing a number of difficulties, showed itself to be the most fruitful path to follow in 1951.

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