Patellofemoral Issues

  • Dean Wang
  • Beth E. Shubin Stein
  • Sabrina M. Strickland


Symptomatic cartilage lesions of the patellofemoral (PF) joint are clinically challenging due to the multitude of other and often coexisting potential causes of anterior knee pain, the complex morphology of the PF joint, the heterogeneity of the articular surface among patients, and the high stresses across the joint. Chondral lesions of the PF compartment are common, but outcomes of cartilage restoration are generally worse in the PF compartment than in the distal femur. The key to treating PF cartilage defects is to understand and concomitantly treat all coexisting pathology.


Patellofemoral Patellar dislocations Patellar instability Trochlear dysplasia TT-TG Patellar alta 


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