Meniscal Augmentation and Replacement (Menaflex, Actifit, and NUsurface)

  • Aad Alfons Maria Dhollander
  • Vincenzo CondelloEmail author
  • Vincenzo Madonna
  • Marco Bonomo
  • Peter Verdonk


In the last decades, the surgical treatment of meniscal injury or damage has shifted from a total meniscectomy to a partial meniscectomy or repair. Rather than a removal of meniscal tissue, the goal of novel surgical techniques is to preserve as much functional meniscal tissue as possible. Recently, attempts have been made to promote meniscal healing, as well as the replacement of damaged menisci with allografts, scaffolds, meniscal implants, or substitutes. This chapter will focus on meniscal augmentation and on three types of meniscal replacement devices. These substitutes are the biological Menaflex™ or collagen meniscal implant (CMI), the biomimetic Actifit™ meniscal scaffold, and the nonbiological NUsurface® meniscal substitute.


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