Introduction: Energy Economics, Finance, and Geostrategy

  • André DorsmanEmail author
  • Volkan Ş. Ediger
  • Mehmet Baha Karan


Since countries’ economic independence is based on energy security, decisions on energy economy and financing are assessed mainly by geostrategic considerations. Economically optimal decisions are not enough regarding geostrategy. This situation makes it difficult to make decisions in energy markets, and it creates considerable controversy. The role of financial markets is to measure the risk of this complex structure or energy projects and price them in financial basis. Understanding behavior of energy markets, it is necessary to look at them on an event basis. The limited availability and unequal distribution of energy sources and different pricing and cost mechanism of energy supplies are hardening to arrive a simple solution. Therefore, the research articles of this book are aimed to open new perspectives for the reader and researchers.


Energy economy Finance Geostrategy 


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