Southern Africa and the Egyptus Novelo Maps

  • Chet Van Duzer


Southern Africa turns out to be one of the most remarkable and surprising regions on the Yale Martellus map, but none of its details can be seen in natural light: it can only be studied though images taken with light beyond the visible spectra. The ultraviolet images of the map made in 1959 and 2010 reveal many of the details in the interior, and the 2010 infrared photographs show that Martellus wrote the names of the rivers in southern Africa with the same pigment he used for the water of the rivers, rather than the paint he usually used for toponyms and legends. But the 2014 multispectral images are by far the best tools for studying this part of the map: they clearly reveal named cities, mountain chains, and the full extent of the southern part of the Nile river system, which reaches to the southeastern part of the continent (Fig. 5.1).

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