Surgical Treatment Paradigms of Ankle Lateral Instability, Osteochondral Defects and Impingement

  • Hélder Pereira
  • Gwendolyn Vuurberg
  • Pietro Spennacchio
  • Jorge Batista
  • Pieter D’Hooghe
  • Kenneth Hunt
  • Niek Van Dijk
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1059)


Ankle sprain is amongst the most frequent musculoskeletal injuries, particularly during sports activities. Chronic ankle instability (CAI) resulting from an ankle sprain might have severe long-lasting consequences on the ankle joint. Despite the fact that most patients will respond favourably to appropriate conservative treatment, around 20% will develop symptomatic CAI with sense of giving away and recurrent sprains leading to functional impairment. “Classical” surgical repair by Brostrom-like surgery in one of its many modifications has achieved good results over the years. Recently, major advances in surgical techniques have enabled arthroscopic repair of ankle instability with favourable outcome while also enabling the treatment of other concomitant lesions: loose bodies, osteochondral defects (OCDs) or ankle impingement. Moreover, when the tissue remnant does not permit a repair technique, anatomic reconstruction by means of using a free graft has been developed. In many cases, OCDs occur as a consequence of CAI. However, traumatic and non-traumatic aetiologies have been described. There is no evidence favouring any surgical treatment over another concerning OCDs. Considering lower cost and limited aggression, microfracture is still the most frequent surgical approach. Herein, the authors describe their algorithm in the treatment of these conditions. Similarly, anterior or posterior impingement might be linked with CAI. These are clinical syndromes based on clinical diagnosis which are currently managed arthroscopically upon failure of conservative treatment.


Ankle impingement syndromes Ankle sprain Chronic lateral ankle instability Osteochondral defects 


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