Conclusion: Setting Up an Agenda for Life-Course Perspective in International Migration

  • Bogdan Voicu
  • Ionela Vlase


Each chapter in this book documents ways in which migration is intertwined with life pathways, and tells the story on how migration shapes and is shaped by work, family, and educational pathways. Examples come from a variety of migration flows (Poles in Ireland; Romanians and Moroccans in Italy; Spanish, Portuguese, and Italians in Switzerland), destinations (Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany), countries of origin (Romania, Morocco, Poland, Spain, etc.), and sources for return migration and/or remigration (Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland).


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  • Bogdan Voicu
    • 1
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  • Ionela Vlase
    • 1
  1. 1.‘Lucian Blaga’ University of SibiuSibiuRomania
  2. 2.Romanian AcademyResearch Institute for Quality of LifeBucharestRomania

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