Therapeutic Climate

  • B. I. Buijck
  • T. BushnikEmail author


Postacute stroke rehabilitation may be either in in- or outpatient rehabilitation clinics, skilled nursing facilities or community based. Therapy intensity is important but may depend on availability of resources and comorbidity of the patient. Further differences in national legislation, heath care regulation and reimbursements policies may explain differences between countries and even outcomes. This chapter highlights the differences between skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers and the importance of a dedicated interdisciplinary stroke rehabilitation team.


Postacute rehabilitation Skilled nursing facilities Rehabilitation centre Interdisciplinary stroke team 


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  1. 1.Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Department of Neurology & Rotterdam Stroke ServiceRotterdamThe Netherlands
  2. 2.Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone HealthNew YorkUSA

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