Activist Citizens: An Afterword

  • Donatella della Porta
Part of the Palgrave Studies in European Political Sociology book series (PSEPS)


The afterword by Donatella della Porta presents the book’s contribution to theory and research on migrant rights, one of the main issues of this collection. It emphasizes that there has been a gap in social movement studies, which have focused mainly on “new”, post-materialist actors, while the analysis of social movements for or against forced migrants’ rights has rarely be addressed. Migration movements have instead been addressed in citizenship studies, often with a normative concern. In this context, this collection succeeds in contributing to a dialogue between social movement studies and citizenship studies, pointing at some potential innovations in both. The afterword highlights four contributions, pointing at contextual opportunities and constraints as well as the characteristics of the mobilizations between acts of resistance and solidarity.


Social movement studies Movement on migrations Acts of resistance Acts of solidarity Differentiated citizenship Reframing citizenship Pro-migrant mobilization Movement-countermovement dynamics 


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