Comparison of MGB with SADI-S: Revision of Sleeve Gastrectomy to MGB or Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileostomy (SADI)

  • Arun Prasad


SADI-S is a sleeve gastrectomy (SG) with proximal duodenal division and end-to-side anastomosis 250 cm proximal to ileocecal valve. SADI-S appears to have some disadvantages compared to the MGB. Both show excellent improvement in co-morbidities, but no comparison has been reported.

Revision of SG for inadequate weight loss or weight regain is now becoming the main reason for revision bariatric surgery. Two revisions` which appear technically simple but give good weight and metabolic results are the MGB and the SADI. We did a comparative study of these procedures with a 2-year follow-up. Both procedures were done robotically by a single surgeon in patients with comparable demography. While weight loss was comparable after both procedures, nutritional deficiencies and GI symptoms were higher with SADI. Thus, MGB is our preferred choice.


Mini-gastric bypass MGB Single anastomosis duodeno-ileostomy SADI Robotic MGB Robotic SADI Sleeve gastrectomy revision Bariatric surgery 


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