Late Cenozoic to Modern-Day Volcanism in the Northern Andes: A Geochronological, Petrographical, and Geochemical Review

  • M. I. Marín-CerónEmail author
  • H. Leal-Mejía
  • M. Bernet
  • J. Mesa-García
Part of the Frontiers in Earth Sciences book series (FRONTIERS)


The Northern Andean Block is the result of complex tectonic interaction between the Farallon-Nazca, South American, and Caribbean Plates. Abundant late Cenozoic volcanism (and associated hypabyssal porphyritic plutonism), beginning in the mid- to late Miocene, is the result of subduction-related mantle-derived magmatic activity, superimposed upon a compositionally varied and structurally complex basement during the late stages of the Northern Andean orogeny. Tectonic consolidation and subduction of the segmented Nazca Plate during the late Miocene-Pliocene led to conformation of the modern-day Colombian segment of the Northern Andean Volcanic Zone. The Colombian arc segment represents the northernmost expression of subduction-related volcanism within South America’s Andean Cordillera.


Northern Andean Volcanic Zone Late Cenozoic magmatism Subduction zone Nazca Plate Slab decarbonation Subduction component Lower crust Andesite formation 





Assimilations by fractional crystallization


Diagram alkali-iron-magnesium


Algeciras fault system


Altered oceanic crust


Austral Volcanic Zone


Baudó terrane


(circa) Approximately


Caribbean mountain terrane


Cajamarca-Valdivia terrane


Central Cordillera


Colombia-Ecuador trench


Cañasgordas terrane


Carbonate-rich sediments


Cauca Valley


Central Volcanic Zone


Dagua terrane




For example (exempli gratia)


Eastern Cordillera


East northeast

Et al

And others (et alia)






Macizo de Garzón


Gorgona terrane




Guajira-Falcón terranes


High-field strength


High-field-strength elements


High U/Pb mantle


Heavy rare earth elements


Hemipelagic sediments


In essence (id est)






Lower continental crust


Large-ion lithophile


Large-ion lithophile elements


Light rare earth elements




Middle Magdalena Basin


Mid-ocean-ridge basalt


Maracaibo subplate




Northern Andean Block




North northeast


Northern Volcanic Zone




Ocean island basalt






Panamá terrane




Panamá-Chocó Block




Rear arc


Rare earth element


Romeral terrane




San Jacinto terrane


San Lucas Block


Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


Sinú terrane


Subducted sediments


South Volcanic Zone






Total alkali-silica


Upper continental crust


Volcanic front




Wadati-Benioff zone


Western Cordillera


West southwest


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