Phanerozoic Orogens of Northwestern South America: Cordilleran-Type Orogens. Taphrogenic Tectonics. The Maracaibo Orogenic Float. The Chocó-Panamá Indenter

  • Fabio Cediel
Part of the Frontiers in Earth Sciences book series (FRONTIERS)


Regional geology of northwestern South America and the link between local and global continental-oceanic geology.


Colombia Andean-type orogenies Taphrogenic tectonics Maracaibo orogenic float Guiana Shield Allochthonous terranes Northern Andean orogeny 



Caribbean terranes


Cajamarca-Valdivia terrane


Caribbean-Colombian oceanic plateau


Colombian Caribbean Realm


Chocó-Panamá Arc


Central Tectonic Realm




Garrapatas-Dabeiba Fault System


Guiana Shield Realm


Guajira-Falcón terranes


Igneous-related low-pressure metamorphism


Sierra de Mérida (“Venezuelan Andes”)


Maracaibo orogenic float


North Andean belt


Northwestern South America


Oca-El Pilar Transform Fault System


Pacific Terranes


Romeral Mélange


Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


W-E Tectono-Sedimentary Anomaly


Western Tectonic Realm


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