The Treatment of Periodontal Diseases in Elderly Patients

  • Maria Gabriella Grusovin


Periodontal disease is a chronic disease and its effects accumulate with age. It represents an important oral health issue in elderly patients. Age-related biological changes in periodontal tissues and in immune response could alter the answer to the microbiological challenge that causes periodontal diseases. The microbiota burden itself can be different. Periodontal diseases have an inflammatory nature and can play a role in the pathogenesis of no communicable chronic diseases that are particularly common among the elderly. Great care should be dedicated to a comprehensive anamnesis, where consultation with the medical doctor performs an important role. Treatment approaches follow the general rules of the treatment of periodontal diseases but modifiers are linked to the biological changes due to age, chronic diseases, medications and socio-economical issues. Besides the degree of dependence in performing normal activity, hand strength and manual dexterity must be considered in both therapy planning and in the maintenance protocol. Minimally invasive surgical approaches should be considered in periodontal and implant therapy. Great care should be dedicated to the maintenance of oral hygiene.


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