Larynx: Anatomy, Nonneoplastic, Benign, and Malignant

  • Margaret S. Brandwein-Weber


This chapter discusses laryngeal anatomy and the range of benign and malignant laryngeal tumors. The most common squamous carcinoma variants in the larynx are covered: spindle cell variant, papillary variant and verrucous carcinoma. The changes in AJCC staging are discussed, as well as the two tiered system of laryngeal precursor lesions. The most common non-squamous laryngeal carcinoma is neuroendocrine carcinoma. The most common true sarcoma is chondrosarcoma, which is usually low-grade.


Reinke’s space Supraglottic Glottis Contact granuloma Laryngocele Saccular cyst Laryngocele Allergic laryngitis Amyloidoma Laryngeal lymphoma Laryngeal papillomatosis Laryngeal paraganglioma Laryngeal granular cell tumor Laryngeal hamartoma Chondrometaplsia Tracheopathia chondroosteoplastica Staging Precursor lesions Laryngeal neuroendocrine carcinoma Laryngeal chondrosarcoma Laryngeal blastoma 


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