Insights into Pivotal Role of Phytohormonal Cross Talk in Tailoring Underground Plant Root System Architecture

  • Priyanka Singla
  • Surinder Kaur
Part of the Soil Biology book series (SOILBIOL, volume 52)


Root architecture development is a fundamental component of plant growth, facilitating plant with firm anchorage in the ground, adequate acquisition of water and nutrients, as well as their responses to abiotic and biotic signals in various ecological niches. Physiological and molecular research in the field of root biology has substantiated that root organogenesis is governed by the intricate role of “plant growth regulators—phytohormones.” Typically, master regulator—auxin—plays a crucial role at various developmental processes; however other hormones also interact either synergistically or antagonistically with auxin to trigger cascades of events leading to appropriate root morphogenesis. Studies on phytohormonal regulation of root architecture development principally focus on analysis of gene mutations modulating hormone synthesis and catabolism and those encoding for receptors and signaling elements along with analysis of the feedback regulation of hormonal pathways. Hormonal regulation of root architecture operates through a web of interacting responses rather than through linear conduit, where one hormone may be positively regulating one step but downregulating the other step. This chapter is designed to highlight the significance of complicated interplay among the phytohormones in regulating downstream events coupled with root architecture development at three important steps: primary root (PR) development, lateral root (LR) development, and root hair (RH) growth.


Phytohormones Root architecture Primary and lateral root Root hair development 


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