Structure and Interactions of Polymer Thin Films from Infrared Ellipsometry

  • Andreas FurchnerEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Surface Sciences book series (SSSUR, volume 52)


Polymer films play a vital role in technological, industrial, and biomedical applications. Prominent examples are protective anti-fouling coatings, bio/chemical sensors and devices, organic electronics, as well as functional films with tunable surface characteristics. The films’ physical and chemical properties strongly correlate with structure and interactions, which also drive function and functionality. Infrared-spectroscopic ellipsometry (IR-SE) enables comprehensive investigations of those properties, as the IR spectral range contains structure-sensitive baselines and material-specific vibrational bands. In situ IR-SE is a powerful monitoring tool for film chemistry in dependence of stimuli like temperature, humidity, solvent type, pH, and solute concentration. Combined with optical modeling, IR-SE can quantitatively probe numerous film properties, such as chemical composition, anisotropy, molecular orientation, thickness, hydration, and molecular interactions. Recent advances of polymer-film characterization are presented in this chapter, showing, among others, various examples from our group In Situ Spectroscopy at ISAS Berlin in collaboration with IPF Dresden, including investigations of polymer film composition and orientation, protein adsorption on functional surfaces, swelling behavior of polymer brushes, and molecular interactions in hydrated polymer films.


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