A Full Circle

  • Zhou Rong
  • Saurabh UpadhyayEmail author
Part of the Sustainable Development Goals Series book series (SDGS)


Known as the Kingdom of Bamboo, China has the greatest number of bamboo species and abundance of bamboo plants than any other country. A plant that is so versatile that it can be made into furniture, firewood, tiles, paper, chopsticks, crafts such as baskets and hats, shoes, medicine and even a popular edible dish (bamboo shoots), bamboo is an exceptional plant that contributes to livelihoods and local economies.

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  1. 1.Guizhou Chishui Zhuyun Bamboo Furniture Co. LtdChishuiChina
  2. 2.International Bamboo and Rattan OrganisationWangjingChina

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