Documentarian-Invisibility (DI)

  • Dan Geva


This chapter completes the construction of the documentarian-as-extended-sign (DES). Only now, after the documentarian has been debated and reasoned out vis-à-vis its signified, signifier, and the dialectically extended plane of documentarian-práxis, can the documentarian-as-extended-sign become meaningful—albeit still only partially. This fourth examination presents itself in the form of two sections, each conceptualizing and cataloguing a different angle of the ontological, epistemic, and semiotic aspects of the a priori state of Documentarian-Invisibility (DI) entailed in the (in)visible mode of address of the documentary/ian moving image. In this light, Documentarian-Invisibility—the fourth facet of the documentarian-as-extended-sign—serves as an acid test, a sort of obligatory, and essential criterion for the entire DES configuration.

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