Alterations of Reil’s Insula in Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Paul Choi
  • Emily Simonds
  • Marc Vetter
  • Charlotte Wilson
  • R. Shane TubbsEmail author


This chapter looks at the link between Alzheimer’s disease and the insula. This review also encompasses general histology and pathology of Alzheimer’s. It is a comprehensive review of; the first known case reports, the pillars of clinical diagnosis and its implications for treatment and further research.


Insular cortex, atrophy Alzheimer’s disease Structural remodeling Circuit Neuropathology Insular function Brain imaging Functions Limbic system Major depressive disorder Frontotemporal dementia Non-fluent progressive aphasia Neurofibrillary tangles Diabetes Memory Cognition Executive functioning 



Alzheimer’s disease


Frontotemporal dementia


Insular cortex


Major depressive disorder


Nonfluent progressive aphasia


Neurofibrillary tangles


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