Measurements of the Insula Volume Using MRI

  • Niyazi Acer
  • Mehmet Turgut


Following the development of the neuroimaging sciences, the insula has been anatomically and functionally evaluated. With the new technology, important information about physiology and anatomy were obtained after CT, MR, and PET. Recent neuroimaging studies showed that volumetric changes of the insular cortex may be associated with many neuropsychiatric diseases. Most studies have shown that the volume of the insula in these psychiatric diseases was smaller than in healthy people. The main purpose of this book chapter is to provide some information about the volume of the insula and its clinical concepts.


Insular cortex Insular cortex volume Volumetric techniques 



Bipolar disorder


Computed tomography


Diffeomorphic Anatomical Registration Through Exponentiated Lie Algebra


Diffusion tensor imaging


Functional MRI


Gray matter


Individual Brain Atlas using Statistical Parametric Mapping


Major depressive disorder


Montreal Neurological Institute


Magnetic resonance imaging


Nucleus tractus solitarius


Obsessive-compulsive disorder


Pervasive developmental disorders


Positron emission tomography


Post-traumatic stress disorder


Regional cerebral blood flow


Region of interest


Statistical Parametric Mapping


Voxel-based morphometry


Ventral posteromedial thalamic nucleus


White matter


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