Non-contact Welding Technologies: Fusion Welding

  • Rasheedat Modupe Mahamood
  • Esther Titilayo Akinlabi
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Non-contact joining technology is an advanced joining method in which there is no contact between the tool and the materials being joined. There are two basic types of welding process namely fusion- and solid-state welding. Laser beam welding and electron beam welding processes are the non-contact fusion-state welding processes that are discussed in this chapter. These non-contact welding techniques have found their applications in different spheres of our lives. Each of these welding techniques with their areas of application is discussed in this chapter. Some of the research works in this field are also presented. Most of these welding technologies are key in the development of miniaturised components. The application of these advanced welding technologies in micro- and nano-fabrication is the focus of Chap.  9.


Electron beam welding Fusion-state welding Laser beam welding Processing parameters Tool-less welding 



This work was supported by the University of Johannesburg research council and University of Ilorin.


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  • Esther Titilayo Akinlabi
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