Superblocks for the Design of New Cities and Renovation of Existing Ones: Barcelona’s Case

  • Salvador RuedaEmail author


The Superblock, an urban cell, when repeated creates a mosaic that extends throughout the city. It is an urban model that is used for new developments and regeneration. In the case of Barcelona, the Superblock forms the basis of an urban regeneration project. The Superblock is also one of the main technical instruments of Ecosystemic Urbanism. Ecosystemic Urbanism can deal with the new century challenges: sustainability in the age of information. It accommodates the laws of nature and the new metabolic regime. It also provides the urbanistic patterns to compete for information and knowledge. It is a basic tool that provides answers to the new paradigms that come with the change of time. Superblocks are a suitable solution for addressing the main dysfunctions and challenges that urban systems face today. This chapter will describe the Superblock paradigm in Barcelona.


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