African Pentecostal Political Philosophy: New Directions in the Study of Pentecostalism and Politics

  • Nimi Wariboko
Part of the African Histories and Modernities book series (AHAM)


In this chapter, Wariboko offers an evaluation and critical response to the previous chapters in this volume. In doing so, he crafts a theoretical construct of African Pentecostal political philosophy, which serves as a lens through which to assess the contributions of each of the previous chapters toward the understanding of Pentecostalism and politics in Africa. The constructive paradigm of African Pentecostal political philosophy Wariboko constructs provides readers with concepts, tools, and propositions to relate the deeds, words, and ways of thinking of Pentecostals in relation to politics and society. In addition, he offers some guidance for thoughts on the political theology of African Pentecostalism. Thus, this chapter not only highlights the contributions of the previous chapters, but it also makes its own substantive contributions to the value and goal of this book.

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