Advances in Technology and New Product Development in the Beer, Wine, and Spirit Industry

  • Inge Russell
  • Julie Kellershohn
Part of the Food Microbiology and Food Safety book series (FMFS)


Food and beverage trends in 2017 can be attributed mainly to the rise and impact of the spending power and consumer demands of the millennial generation. With the desire for authenticity and locally sourced products, there is a rapid rise in craft distilling along with craft breweries that also distill (the brewstillery). Hybrid alcoholic products are eliminating the barriers between traditional beverage categories. Fermented products such as baijiu are moving into new geographic regions. Desire for convenience is seen in the rise of single-serve packaging and the myriad of new and innovative wine and spirit packaging options. Health consciousness is reflected in the increased sales of lower alcohol and no alcohol beers. Products such as edible beer six pack rings address consumer concern for the environment. Quality, product integrity, transparency, traceability, and labeling of nutritional and calorie content are some of the keys to capturing the millennial market.


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