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Radiotherapy and Anesthesia

  • Bharathi GourkantiEmail author
  • David Mulvihill
  • Jill Kalariya
  • Yue Li


Anesthesia providers face many unique challenges in providing anesthesia services for patients requiring radiation care. The diagnostic and therapeutic use of radiation modalities is an integral part of cancer care that is being used more frequently. Many of the procedures required by the patient could not be accomplished without anesthesia intervention. A discussion between the anesthesia provider and the radiologist should take place before the procedure so appropriate arrangements can be in place with regard to the equipment, monitoring and choice of anesthesia.


Non-operating room anesthesia Radiotherapy Children External beam radiotherapy Brachytherapy Intraoperative radiation therapy Radiation safety 


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  • David Mulvihill
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  • Jill Kalariya
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  • Yue Li
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  2. 2.Department of Radiation OncologyCooper University HospitalCamdenUSA

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