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Anesthesia for Thymectomy

  • Christopher R. Hoffman
  • Michael Stuart GreenEmail author


Thymectomy and mediastinal surgery entails a number of potentially severe perioperative concerns and complications. While thymectomies are a less common procedure, the disease progression necessitating such an intervention further complicates anesthetic management. The surgical approach varies widely depending on the age, size, and location of the lesion involved and the anesthetic plan therefore diversifies to accommodate. This chapter discusses the clinical presentation and potential complications that arise, in order to safely implement a perioperative plan. Due consideration is applied to unique concerns in and out of the operative setting to optimize patients for surgery and mitigate potential severe adverse outcomes. Table 17.1 provides a summary of the considerations for providing anesthesia to patients undergoing thymectomy.


NIH/US National Library of Medicine (MeSH, Medical Subject Headings) Thymectomy [E04.928.770] Sternotomy [E04.928.710] Mediastinoscopy [E04.928.490] Pulmonary Surgical Procedures [E04.928.600] Thoracic Surgical Procedures [E.04.928] Myasthenia Gravis [C10.114.656] Autoimmune Diseases of the Nervous System [C10.114] Cardiopulmonary Bypass [E04.292.413] Thymoma [C04.588.894.949.500] Thymus Neoplasms [C04.588.894.949] Anesthesia, General [E03.155.197] 


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