Adult and Pediatric Value-Based Integrated Case Management from “A” to “Z”

  • Roger G. Kathol
  • Rachel L. Andrew
  • Michelle Squire
  • Peter J. Dehnel

Chapter Objectives

  • To depict manager activities in value-based adult and pediatric integrated case management from initiation through graduation.

  • To describe the value-based integrated case management team approach and the use of manager “pods” for assistance to individuals with health complexity.

  • To outline needed value-based integrated case management training prior to the delivery of adult and pediatric value-based integrated case management.

  • To summarize value-based integrated case management triage, prioritization, stratification, and enrollment procedures.

  • To walk budding value-based integrated case management managers though the process of delivering outcome-changing assistance to complex individuals.


VB-ICM work processes VB-ICM pods Triage Prioritization Stratification Care plan development Patient-centered ICM performance measurement VB-ICM graduation 


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  • Rachel L. Andrew
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  • Michelle Squire
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  • Peter J. Dehnel
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