Outcomes with Combined Heart–Kidney Transplantation

  • Egolum Ugochukwu
  • Sandip ZalawadiyaEmail author


Heart failure (HF) is leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. Heart transplantation (HTx) remains the gold-standard treatment for those with advaced HF. Renal failure (RF) is an important prognosticator for mortality among HF patients, and is highly prevalent in this patient population. RF, both pre-HTx and post-HTx, is associated with adverse post-HTx outcomes; kidney transplantation (KT) after isolated HTx improves outcomes in these scenarios. Considering these observations, an increasing number of patients are undergoing combined heart–kidney transplantation (HKT) in recent years; in this chapter, we discuss outcomes related to combined HKT among adults in detail.



Cardiac allograft vasculopathy


Estimated glomerular filtration rate


Heart failure


Heart–kidney transplantation


Heart transplantation


Kidney donor profile index


Kidney transplantation


Mechanical circulatory support devices


Renal failure


United Network for Organ Sharing



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