Kosovo: The Perspective of a Pro-Arbitration Country

  • Anjezë Gojani
  • Korab R. Sejdiu
Part of the The World of Small States book series (WSS, volume 3)


In the early 2000s, Kosovo found itself in a post-conflict environment with a rapidly evolving commercial market. That, accompanied by a dysfunctional and inefficient court system, gave rise to the need for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. In view of these developments and local courts being consistently regarded as unsuitable to the demands of the market, many benefactors, including the United States government and the European Union, committed to contribute to the establishment of commercial arbitration, as an alternative to local courts. Particularly, the support has been channelled through the adoption of a pro-arbitration legal framework. Thus, Kosovo adopted a stance in support of arbitration through its relatively new arbitration law, which naturally lead towards the establishment of arbitration institutions, and later the outward support for arbitration in investment disputes. These recent developments bring Kosovo in line with an international arbitration mentality, and the country has made a solid resolution to support such a change.


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  • Anjezë Gojani
    • 1
  • Korab R. Sejdiu
    • 2
  1. 1.Ministry of HealthPristinaKosovo
  2. 2.Sejdiu & Qerkini, G.P. and Parliament of KosovoPristinaKosovo

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