The Aestheticising of Minorities in The Crane Bag

  • Aidan O’Malley
Part of the New Directions in Irish and Irish American Literature book series (NDIIAL)


This chapter provides a critical reading of the ways in which minorities are construed and framed in The Crane Bag (1977–1985) special issue, ‘Minorities in Ireland’ (1981, 5.1). Distinguished by its philosophical and international perspectives on Ireland, The Crane Bag’s articulations of spaces in which art and society might develop fruitful dialogues played an important role in the evolution of Irish Studies. However, the limits of the journal’s artistic and religious emphases are evident in the special issue, where they contribute to ultimately disabling renderings of minorities. Probing these tensions, it is contended that this number’s conception of minorities furnishes an insight into the restricted expressions of liberalism in Ireland before the 1998 Belfast Agreement and the collapse of the Catholic Church’s unquestioned authority.

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