Orbital Decompression: Transnasal and Transethmoid Endoscopic Approaches

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Graves’ ophthalmopathy can be caused by excessive periorbital fat that puts pressure on the globe and adjacent structures resulting in proptosis, diplopia, and visual loss. The air-filled ethmoid and maxillary sinuses are adjacent to the bony orbit. Upon removal of the common walls between the orbit and these sinuses, there is a space provided into which the periorbital fat can prolapse relieving the intraorbital pressure. Performing the orbital decompression endoscopically through the ethmoid and maxillary sinuses permits a delicate and thorough procedure minimizing risk to important structures within the orbit.


Graves’ disease Thyroid ophthalmopathy Endoscopic orbital decompression 

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Video 51.1 MicroFrance®—Levine orbital decompression instrument set. Courtesy of Howard Levine and Integra MicroFrance Instruments, Cincinnati, Ohio (MP4 136500 kb)


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  2. Endoscopic orbital decompression. Courtesy of Richard Harvey, MD, PhD.

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